Thursday, 28 July 2011

Update #2

I decide to just do a update today rather than my 30 day challengy thingy :)
I bought some new Vo5 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo today.
98p for a 250ml bottle in Wilkinsons, which I personally thought was a bargain. :)
Might stock up on it tbh :)
It smells delicious and makes my hair lovely..

I also got some new hairdye, which hasn't really changed my hair much.. tbh.
Suppose its a slight darker slightly more bright red :)

And in other news, I finally getting my new tattoo next thursday hurrah :D
I'm only meant to have been getting it since christmas as it was my present from my lovely boyfriend :D
I won't show you another picture, I will let you wait until I get it done.. Although on a previous post I do believe I showed yous :)

Going to finish with a uber cute picture of my dog, from our walk down the lines the other day :)


  1. Love your hair! Going to have to give some of that shampoo a try.
    & Your dog is absolutely adorable! xx

  2. Sorry, for a delayed reply, but yes I'd recommend especially as its on 98p at the minute at Wilkinsons, it smells lovely! :)

    and aw thank you, he looks adorable but he's a little sh*t. haha. :) xx