Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Update #1

I haven't really been uptoo much over the weekend, as been to work all weekend, and yesterday I just had a day of doing nothing :D
I also started watching Life on Mars through as my boyfriend has both seasons on DVD. I hope to watch the rest of these today after work..
It's delivery day at work so its going to bloody hectic. yaay! Suppose it means I'll get home quicker. :D

Hopefully my boyfriend get the job he was seeing about yesterday :D. If he gets it he could be looking at around £300 a week plus commision!
I've also already been told he will give me my money back he owes me and also pay for my tattoo :D can't wait to get my new tattoo! :D :D
This will be my second tattoo as well :D can't freakin' wait :D

Anyway I shan't blab on too much, for your sakes, as well as mine as I must start getting ready for work.. :)


  1. Oooh what tattoo are you thinking of getting? :)

  2. I have a few ideas in mind..
    I already have one :) I'll do a post in abit about tattoos, and various ones I want.. As theres a good few haha! :)

  3. days of doing nothing are delightful! exciting news about the tattoo, i need to get the guts to get my first one done.

  4. oh they are!
    I'm having another ones of those days today hurrah! :D
    Yess it is. :) Oh you should, especially if you want one! I got my first one on my foot, and that hurt, as I have skinny, boney feet! haha. I plan to get my next one on my left shoulder :) x