Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tattoos & Piercings! #1

I thought I'd do a post on something that really interests me and I'm passionate about!
I don't actually have any piercings at the minute, although I have had my navel piercing before, but because of how my tummy creases when I'm sat down, it cause my navel to crease and makes healing a navel piercing really difficult! D:
I do hope to get the courage eventually and get my tongue pierced! Along with my nose and may various ear piercings if I can get the guts up :)

This is my tattoo, my first and only one, currently!
I plan to get another good few :D
Some of them which I'm aware that I want I am going to share :D
So prepare for lots of piccys bahahah. :')

This is another idea I have of a tattoo, in memory of my Granda and Auntie Jackie, can't quite decide where to get it, my first thought was either side of my chest.. But I have been put off due to me being killed by my Mam, more than likely.

There is another one that I would like, a black lace garter tattoo on my right thigh! Although I think I would end up getting them on both legs, :D My friend was going to do it for me but unfortunately we've never came up with a time where we're both free or have a freee house so he can come over and tattoo me :( which is a shame :( oh well looks like I'll just have to save up for it :D It may be wise for me to start a tattoo fund bahahah.

I won't go on to show you all the possible tattoos I would like, as I could go on FOREVER.. Especially as I really would love either a full arm sleeve or a half leg sleeve.. :D The sleeves may have to wait for well into the future like or I may get killed by many many people. :D
But yes this the next tattoo I would like 3 big flowers (I think roses, although I may ask my dad and sister what their favourite flowers are or something as its for those three (I already know my mams, lilys, carnations and daffys)

But yeah, theres my tattoos and piercing that I would like. I also drew the swallows, there no where near decent enough, as I haven't drew properly in about a year and a half since I finished my Graphics course I did at college. But you know, all good I suppose, I wish you could get a guareenteed decent job within Art/Graphics but you can't unless you managed to meet the right people within the industry. Plus I'm lazy and don't always have the right motivation so maybe I was right to come out of it rather than going to University.. Although I suppose if I had carried on I would be at University now D:
Hopefully I pass my AS Levels so I can carry on to my A2 then 2012 I shall be off to University.. Is is also sad that I already know the three Uni's I want to go too.. But then maybe its just me being organised for once in my life.. (I am a very very unorganised individual :D haha)

Oh poo, I went off onto a tangent.. Sorry. I shan't bore you anymore with my blabber... :)
Ciao, for now! :)


  1. 'dont have tattoos but i have/had a lip piercing and i miss it.=(

  2. oh, does a lip piercing hurt much when you get it done, I really want my lip pierced or a septum piercing but I'm unsure haha! :) x