Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Morning.

Not much to say really, as all I've done is work Saturday and then I'll be returing to work again today at 1 til 5 :(

Work makes me faar too tired for the 4 hours work I do.
But I always feel especially run down lately, especially with my back playing up. ohyay! haha.

I'm currently at my boyfriend's as we tend to come to his on a Saturday night, usually as his friends usually all get together on a Saturday and we go out to join them but as of recent we haven't barely had any money between us, which sucks. :(

I will probably do a review of the Moisturizing cream I bought on Friday as you can tell a difference on my legs and arms now.. :D

So for now I shall see you guise later :)

PS, Here's a picture of my uber cute dog being a worky ticket!

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