Saturday, 23 July 2011

IDay 08 - A photo that makes you angry/sad

I was going to post something that wasn't something close to me but I think I will. :/
Although I don't have a picture of my Grandad to hand I will write about him, along with my Auntie Jackie.

Here is a photo of my Auntie Jackie:
My beautiful Auntie Jackie.

Sadly, (obviously as its a sad post :/) She died when I was 12/13 in 2003 after 2/3 years battle with cancer. I choose not to go to the hospital when she was very ill, choosing to remember her as I knew her, before she was really ill, at the time I thought I was right, although nowadays especially days when I miss her. I regret not having the chance the say goodbye.. even more so of choosing not to go the funeral, but I couldn't bear to go. I didn't want to see all the family upset and crying. I didn't want to cry. Selfish but I was at that awkward stage in my life.. But more than anything I regret not going to her funeral.. However I have and always will keep the little teddy I was given to her as a young child! <3 and remember the happy times! I also plan to get her inked to me, her name along with something else in memory of her. She was my favourite auntie, still is. Saying that I don't really have much contact with any of my dads side anymore.. As his families all spread out throughout the UK. I wish I had better contact with everyone, but then I also get the attitude of if they really cared how their neice/cousin was they'd atleast attempt contact with me also. I wish she was still here.. Although I am told by one my Dad's cousins, I remind her of my Auntie Jackie, which always makes me smile, I apparently have her eyes and nose. Although I am told by my Dad I don't. I am also constantly told I look like my Mam by her. But personally I think I look more like my Dads side than anything I look like a foster! haha. My boyfriend also thinks the same that I look like my Dad but oh well. Here are some old photos of my auntie Jackie:

Her and my Uncle Dave.

and again..

RIP Auntie Jackie, love and miss you very much! <3

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