Friday, 8 July 2011

First Proper One :)

New hair colour as of today, you will see it change alot! haha.
Free Gift from 17 :)

Today I went shopping on my own, as my boy wouldn't move from his pit. I ended up going to various shops, Boots, Superdrug and Bodycare (which is a cheaper store for brand items). 

This nail varishes were from Boots, as they had a offer on where you bought 2 items from the 17 range you got a free gift, which was the 'Nail Bar in a Bag' where you got two nail varnishes: Pink Grapefruit and Knockout Red, they are both beautiful colours. Both looked really opaque after only two coats, which pleased me, as compared to Barry M which I usually buy nail varnishes from usually take best part of 3 coats especially from the pastel colours. So I really like them. I bought two nail varnishes so I could get the free gift. (I have a thing for nail varnishes, that and eyeliners!!)

The other two colours I got were, Garnet and Seabreeze.
The Seabreeze needed atleast two coats to get a complete opaque coverage, however I would be happy to just give one coat for the Garnet! I was really please with the nail varishes.

I also really loved the leopard print stick on for your nails that came with the 'free gift' and the leopard print nail file! As anyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for leopard print!
I even have pink leopard print leggings! (hahah)
Ignore my horrid boney hands!

These are a picture of all the colours + another which I managed to pick up from Poundland! (Sally Hansen - Hollywood Scarlet, its a really nice deep red!)
From thumb - little finger, is Hollywood Scarlet (Sally Hansen), Seabreeze (17), Knockout Red (17), Pink Grapefruit (17) and finally Garnet (17).
I apologise for the crappy picture, but I don't currently have a decent camera so my pictures are going to have suffice for the time being from my iPhone. Which does take pretty decent ones given the right lighting conditions! But I did just do my nails when I came back and quickly before going out with my boy! haha.

Also, other items I bought whilst being out was some Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Tan Lotion which I manage to pick up for £2.99 compared to £5.19 in Superdrug was well impressed! (Got that from Bodycare!)
It really nice, although if your normal and don't like the smell of fake tan then it is a nono for you, but me being weird I like the smell of fake tan so I really like it, its also already started softening the skin on my feet, as my feet are in in horrible condition!, even my hands too, as they take a hard beating when I'm at work as I'm alway tooking clothing and cardboard so there often really dry and peely!

I also invested in the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, as I've heard from many viewers that its really good and really easy to use and get accurate lines! Which it really is! I won't go on, as I already have plenty throughout this first 'proper' post, haah!

Also as a extra; my outfit for today!


  1. I got that little bag thing the other week, so cute, but the nail stickers weren't very good! And your hair looks lovely :) xxx

  2. I thought the bag was cute and thought.. ooh I might aswell..
    Oh were they? I haven't tried the stickers yet..
    and oooh thank you! :)
    Its no where near red enough for me, may have to invest in a crazy colour :D xxx