Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day 09 - A photo that you took

I'm actually going to show you a collection of my photography from my last trip to Florida for my 18th birthday present from my sister! :)
Meerkat <3

A beautiful lioness! <3

Hippo, came to say. Hi!

A view from my hotel room!

Photo of Epcot Centre piece and water fountains..

Ellie-Trump - She danced for me! <3

Meet Dolly! I got to feed her and stroke her! Beautiful!


  1. Very cool pics


  2. Thanks for the follow :).

    Your sister took you to florida!? wooaaah. Wish I had a sister now ;) haha.

    I love giraffes, mostly because I like their print, cringe haha.


  3. Beautiful photos.

    Helen, X

  4. @Georgia - Yes but theres 9 and half years between me and my sister which how he was able to take me to Florida xD. hehe.
    Meeting the giraffes and feeding them was an AMAZING experience I have a load of pics of it. I'll upload some, sometime for you to see! :) xxx

    @Helen - Oh wow thank you so much.. It means alot! x