Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 05 - Your favourite quote.

I don't really think I have a favourite quote as such..
Quotes from people especially people like Marilyn Monroe (I love her) and people who usually don't even have a clue who she is, or she done and such, quote and say things, 'omg! I love her and shit and omg thats soooo true.'
Eurgh shut up you silly child. I bet you don't even know who she is..

But yeah anyway, I'm easily annoyed especially over probably trivial things, such as kids not being kids anymore, dressing like I would, and I'm 19..
I hate it. Why can't kids be kids anymore, why can't they be wearing shitty tshirts and shorts in the summer and play out in back yard and get there knees and shit scraped anymore. I'd say its probably mainly the girls, boys tend to not be influence it until they start secondary school.. But girls I've seen its from even the age 8 or 9.

I suppose the only thing I stick to believe, is 'Always be yourself, no matter what as the people who care don't mind and the people who don't care don't matter'. <-- or something along them lines. :) Also gunna include a recent picture of me also where I've just applied my make up, even tried blusher which I don't usually wear in all honesty, and lipstick which again I don't usually wear unless going on a night out :) oh and ignore my hair it is a mess, unfortunately :)

Blogger seems to be just playing up on firefox. Not sure why. But there's the recent picture of me with my make up and eyebrows done, hurrah. Oh and a rarity of me smiling in a photo too :)

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