Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 03 - Your favourite TV programme

Oh god, I watch faar too many TV programmes..
I'm just going to mention the ones that I can rewatch and rewatch, rather than favourites as that could take a good while for me to think haha.

Cartoon Tv Programmes:
South Park
American Dad.
Family Guy.
The Simpsons.

I love these I own all them so I can literally just rewatch and re watch :D

Tv Programmes
Two and a half men.
The Big Bang Theory.
Scrubs. (minusing the latest series' as there abit pants)

These are my favourites, although theres one that I just recently watched, Life on Mars which was amaaaazing, I loved it!!
I'm currently waiting to get Ashes to Ashes to watch, since that was a follow up series, and still has DCI GENE HUNT in it, which some reason something about him attracts me to him bahaha..

I;m attracted to older men, a lot older men..
Yet my boyfriend, Thomas is only a week older than me haha, I love himmm!
and pround of him getting a new job for over the summer, hurrah! although means less time at mine D:

Anyways, CIAO.
May do another of these tonight to amuse myself.

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