Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day 02 - Your favourite movie.

I don't actually know what my favourite movie is.. I tend to watch much more TV Series' than movies..
Although I tell you three that I have recently watched instead :)

Back to the Future.
Terminator 2.
Nutty Professor.

Watched these all at my boyfriends the last few Saturdays as we usually go to his on a Saturday :) although he does tend to spend Mon - Fri at mine, especially through term time! haha. Luckily my parents like him and absolutely don't mind in the slightest :D hurrah!
Although from this coming Monday my house is going to empty or atleast my room is, as my man won't be with me as he got himself a job now :( and can't come stop and laze at mine :(
Luckily I've been given two extra shifts at work this week. So atleast that will pass some time while on my own. I have my favourite shift on Monday hurrah the shift that goes quickest :D :D :D :D.
Which means more money for me to spendspendspend.. Although I must pay off the money I have remaining to Littlewoods so I'm able to buy a new bed. Or maybe save money for a new bed.. and buy and SLR camera from Littlewoods instead, as I've wanted one FOREVER!! But never never never never ever have had the money to buy one, simply cause I SUCK at saving, can't for the life of me save. Probably why I still haven't gotten anymore tattoos yet bahaha!

Anyway shan't blab on forever haha :D

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