Monday, 2 May 2011

Majority of my posts are probably going to be about piercings and tattoos. :)
Cause I love them both.
I really need to stop being a wuss though and get some piercings, plus ones that my parents won't whinge about, well say parents, my mam, cause my dads pretty laid back and doesn't really care either way.

Part of me wishes I didn't give up my Graphics.. Design jobs wouldn't require standard uniform usually so much more relaxed and I would then be allowed all the piercings and tattoos I would like, without worry about jobs being knobs about them.
I'd daresay I wouldn't get wrong at where I currently work. Well I would but not in the sense of discipline within work, in the sense that there my second family so they'd kill me in that sense. xD
Ahh I love where I work.. It's a shame that I'm tempted to find a full time job somewhere, rather than go to Uni. :/ cause I really don't wanna leave where I work. :(

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