Saturday, 21 May 2011

I don't actually use this much.
It's not meant to be anything specific just somewhere to line my random thoughts, and things, where none of my friends or anything know it. As selfish as it sounds, I don't like sharing alot of things that bother me with my friends.. and I probably never will. 

I have work soon, well I say soon, I don't have to be there til 12 - 5.30. Be a weird shift today since I usually finish at 4. :/ 

I'm currently wide awake, probably for me to crash and burn later. due to complete lack of energy due to bloody exams. I was knackered yesterday, I really was, I really don't expect to have done well in my Unit 2 Sociology I just wanted to do that exam and get out. I felt dizzy and weird most the way through, pretty sure I probably should go and get checked for the whole fact my chests been weird for about month or more now, and steadily getting worse.. with even more dizzy spells and such. Baah, I'm sure I'll be fine bahaha. :) 

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