Saturday, 13 January 2018


Reading - nothing currently have recently read Scarlett Moffats new book and Sarah Millican autobiography though.
Listening - Avril Lavigne's first album.. oh childhood. I still know all the words.. yes I'm THAT cool.
Smiling - Had a really easy day just pottering around the flat as I have the weekend off, woo!
Wearing - Pjs as I've blatantly not left the house cause I've been off!
Watching - Just watched the Grinch.. I'm either late or extremely early.. haven't decided which yet haha.
Thinking - Cutting my hair and dying it blue :)
Photos this week -

Friday, 5 January 2018


Basically my year summed up to a 12 photos, 2 trips to Disneyland Paris with the Mr, obsessed over D.Va from Overwatch, my favourite little man, Sam (Westie), a day trip to Whitby, favourite mocha with mint in from Costa, and my favourite body lotion from Lush! Oh and uni work of course.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

So.. 2018?

2017 kind of just whizzed past in a whirl! You could have blinked and you'd have missed it!

-We (me and my boyfriend) went on two, yes TWO holidays this year, to exactly the same place. However that place was Disneyland Paris, so I find it completely acceptable! Haha.
We (him) drove both times catching the ferry then driving from Dunkirk to Paris.

-I completed another year of Uni and in the middle of another, I'm studying a BSc Psychology with Open University!

-We decided we're gonna start saving in attempt to get ourselves on the property ladder! :D (probably won't be til this time next year or early 2019 but we are determined to get there!)

-Finally started driving lessons again, whilst I did go in for a test and failed I'm determined to go back in early 2018 and get passed and get my little C1 :D

Although it probably doesn't seem I did much I enjoyed it, celebrated 9 years with the boyfriend and I had a pretty decent year.

Over 2018 I plan to:-
- Maintain my current weight and tone/lose a little more if I feel like actually exercising it me so I probably be maintaining, haha.
- Pass my driving test and get my C1
- Visit somewhere else in Europe with my boyfriend.
- Attempt to at least blog weekly (hopefully)

Kateee x

Sunday, 16 July 2017

2017 so far!

My 2017 so far, I thought I'd try get back in to blogging, whilst I've never had a schedule here's to trying to make myself have one! As you can seee from my photos I have decided to share my 2017 so far. A lot are Disneyland Paris photos as we went back at the end of April and going again at the end of November. Which I am SO looking forward too as it'll be all Christmassy! What could be any more spectacular than Disneyland Paris at Christmas!
I won't say much more other than hopefully speak again soon!
Are you enjoying your 2017 so far? Anything that really stuck out so far?!

Monday, 16 January 2017

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me and no one knows. #21.

Reading - My Mad Fat Diary - Rae Earl
Listening - Nothing
Smiling - I'm not I'm pretty sure I have an ear infection *cries*
Wearing - Pjs
Craving - Being able to hear again properly as after nearly a week it's getting annoying now.
Watching - YouTube videos with the other half.
Thinking - why do I always get ill:(
App - tumblr or Pinterest have been getting a lot of use lately. (:

Sorry this has been quite a moany 'currently' post but I'm feeling like poo because of not being very well. I need to go the doctors but as usual I can get an appointment til next week. *cries* so I'm hoping it goes away soon cause it's making my whole left side of my face hurt when it's being really bad. I'm sure I'll be alright. I'll plod through as I alway do. :)
Hope you don't mind it's been a moany one this time. Hahah.


Sunday, 8 January 2017


- I want to try blog more often, whether I manage we shall see, cause if you hadn't already guessed I crap at organisation! (hahaha)
- Lose weight, whilst many people I know will say, 'you're fine the way you are, blahblahblah' Yes, maybe I am but I'm not happy. So my aim is to lose my extra chub and tone up at the same time. My aim is to be able to run.. will probably address this more efficiently after April when we get a woofer! (dog to normal people out there!)
- Pass my two modules with a decent grade in each. (I do need to knuckle down on this and dedicate more time to my uni work or it is gonna suffer!)
- Pass my driving test, end of last year I passed my theory and decided to take a few months off from lessons due to Christmas and lack of spare money. So aim is to smash the practical at some point this year!
- With that I want to be able to buy my first car this year, or at very least early next year!
- I also want a tattoo even if it's small, I haven't been tattooed in so long, it very much overdue!
- Start saving to buy our house. (:
- See if I resist in dying my hair too much so I can get it to be the healthiest it has ever been.
- Cut pop (even diet pop) out completely. It does me no good whatsoever.
- Visit the dentist I've avoided it long enough, really. Seriously, you really have no idea, how long I've avoided going, kinda figured no toothache, alls good, right?
- Travel more!
- Find a new job.